Business Plan 2023-2026 for Idealis

Business Plan
for Idealis

A new standard of quality for a new future

Looking forward, Idealis anticipates that higher education will be different, students will be different, the labour market will be different, the global economy will be different, and energy sources will be different. We will be taking all of these changes into account in our work over the next four years.


The feedback we currently receive is positive, and we want that to be the case in the future too. That is why the coming period will see us investing in quality. This will ensure that we are ready for a new future in which a different standard of quality will be required.


How will we be putting this aim into practice?

In the coming years, our focus will be on improving the quality of older complexes – the ‘sterflats’ (star-shaped blocks of flats), for instance – and making them more sustainable. This will bring our properties in line with the housing preferences of our tenants, now and in the future. Naturally, we will also continue to invest in affordability, availability and the personal service provided by our staff, but such investments will be geared towards the changing demands of future tenants. Doing all of this will only be possible if we actively seek cooperation with various other parties, because achieving results is something you do by working together – with external parties and with the help and commitment of our staff. Being a good, forward-looking employer is an essential part of this.


We have big ambitions and your help as a partner and colleague will be indispensable in achieving them!


Together we will create that different future!


Bart van As

Director | Idealis

November 2022